K600 Bin by Krushr
K600 Bin by Krushr


Price per Unit (piece): £832.50 + VAT


Key Features

  • Capacity: 65 Litres (before compaction). The equivalent of 165 Litres once compacted.
  • Free delivery when 5 or more units are purchased together. Prices are to UK Mainland & Channel Islands only - excluding Northern Ireland.
  • This bin has four compartments to accommodate the different waste and recycling materials accepted by your kerbside collection service:
  • Metal Can Crush Bin: 10.8 Litres (equivalent of 40 litres when compacted)
  • Central Bin: 23.6 Litres (equivalent of 92 litres when compacted)
  • Black Bin: 15.5 Litres
  • Glass/Other Bin: 15.5 Litres
  • Fits a 600mm width space.
  • Two models available: Fully Integrated (K600F) or Standalone (K600S) model.
  • Both models are fitted with a stainless steel door or with matching cabinet door and built-in for integrated look and feel.
  • Simple push-button and auto-control operation.
  • When the Krushr unit is closed, any odour is sealed inside and therefore kept to a minimum.
  • Heavy duty biodegradable bags are available to use within the central crush bin.
  • Average 85% compaction ratio (depending on material type).
  • 17 second metal crush cycle (using an 800kg ram).
  • 30 second vertical packaging crush cycle (using a 600kg ram).
  • Energy efficient 'Hypercrush' mode (maintains compaction force without the use of energy). Use this option when you have materials which have shape 'memory' e.g. some plastics to avoid them returning to their original form.
  • Power supply: 230-240v / 180W / 50Hz.
  • Plug Type: Standard UK 3 Pin 13A.
  • Weight: 65kg (K600F) / 68kg (K600S).
  • Dimensions: (Min)695mm-(Max)947mm(H) x 598mm(W) x 578mm(D).


  • Automatic anti-jam and anti-overload detection
  • Safety cut-off feature prevents mechanism from working whilst drawers are open
  • Automatic realignment check in the event of a power failure
  • All crush-related operational components are enclosed / sealed for safety and maintenance purposes

Code for Sustainable Homes Credits

This Krushr bin can contribute towards gaining your 4 WAS1 Storage of non-recyclable waste and recyclable household waste credits when used in an appropriate situation and solution.

In addition to a Local Authority collection scheme, this product meets the following requirement:

'Materials are sorted before collection and at least three separate bins are provided with a total capacity of 30 litres. Each bin must have a capacity of at least 7 litres and be located in an adequate internal space.'

Quoted from the Code for Sustainable Homes - November 2010 Criteria

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