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Commitment to monitor, report and set targets for water consumption arising from site activities criteria.

  1. Demonstrate compliance by the design/site management team confirming, in writing, that monthly measurements of water consumption will be recorded and displayed on site.
  2. Set and display appropriate target* levels of water consumption (targets could be annual, monthly or project targets).
  3. As a minimum, monitoring must include checking the meters and displaying some form of graphical analysis in the site office to show consumption over the project duration and how actual consumption compares to targets set.
  4. The design/site management team is to nominate an individual who will be responsible for the monitoring and collection of data.

* Targets for water consumption during the construction process should be set using UK Construction Industry KPIs . These documents do not specify targets but facilitate projects in setting appropriate targets (see References and Further Information for details).

Note: The Code does not require targets to be met but is encouraging the process of setting, monitoring and reporting against targets.

"Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guide November 2010"


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