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Home composting facilities must consist of an external composting container, specifically designed for composting, sited according to the manufacturer’s instructions and accessed by route in accordance with the requirement of Checklist IDP. Such containers must not be sited in close proximity to windows, doors or ventilation intakes for habitable areas within the dwelling or surrounding dwellings.

"Code for Sustainable Homes Technical Guide November 2010"


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Composting Bin
SKU: 5-0008-01
£24.05 + VAT
Composting Bin
Composting Bin 220L manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled material.
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Code HotBin Composting Bin
SKU: 1-hotbin
£185.00 + VAT
Code HotBin Composting Bin
A composting bin that typically runs between 40-60°C due to the natural breakdown by bacteria inside the bin. Compost can be produced every 90 days without the need for forking or tumbling! Takes waste such as grass cuttings, food waste, shredded office p
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